Book: Heaven Invading Earth

Heaven Invading Earth, LLC

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Book: Heaven Invading Earth-Heaven Invading Earth, LLC
Book: Heaven Invading Earth-Heaven Invading Earth, LLC

Journey with Queenia Princess through this book and discover a new sound, the sound of intimate Worship. Intimate Worship is the Frequency of Heaven and the corridor through which Heaven Invades Earth... a place where Jesus' heart is completely yours.

There is no better place to wage spiritual warfare than the place of intimate worship. In this anointed, God-breathed book, Queenia teams up with the Holy Spirit to write a beautiful poetic jewel. God's heart and tangible presence are felt throughout this book, and portrayed in the tender poetic verses of "Unseen," the strength of "The Human Race," and the passion of "Jealous Love." And these are just a few of the poetic gold mines you'll find in this book. 

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Want to hear or see a poem from this book? Check out the below YouTube video.

Poem Title: The Human Race

Poem Title: Unseen


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